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A Masterplan for People and Places

We regard every urban planning and design project, specifically of urban and landscape design, as an opportunity to create enduring places where economies can prosper, communities can thrive, and people can flourish.

As the former Public Works Department, we bring Singapore’s renowned brand of integrated and farsighted city planning to over 50 cities around the world. Today, our urban planning strategies and design solutions are developed with climate change in mind. We dedicate ourselves to research and develop bespoke strategic solutions that best meet each client’s unique needs.

Being uniquely positioned within CPG Group, our work in urban planning and design is typically supported by a multidisciplinary team of specialists who are ready to share their wealth of experience with our clients, whether they be governments, developers or other stakeholders. We are able to comprehensively formulate conceptual master plans and new urban solutions that meet international standards whilst being inclusive and thoughtful of the local community.

In city and regional planning, land use studies, urban redevelopment, as well as urban and landscape design, our solutions anticipate and account for changing social, economic and environmental needs while maximising long-term value creation. Our experience and expertise spans:

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