Design Philosophy

Design that solves, enables and inspires

At CPG Consultants, our design methodology was born from a commitment to solving Singapore’s urban challenges.

We believe that, at the intersection of climate change, an ageing population, space constraints and limited natural resources, lies an opportunity for innovative design solutions to make a meaningful difference.

For each project, we take a macro-to-micro design perspective, considering a multitude of factors that start from the city’s urban ecology to the way its people live, work and play every day. We are guided by three core principles, which capture the essence of our ideal design outcomes.

State Courts, Singapore takes inspiration from the terracotta roofs in Chinatown

We design for today with tomorrow in mind.

In form and function, we strive to achieve sustainability and endurability. We believe that, through effective design, we can serve the needs of this generation without compromising on our obligation to future generations. We deliver on that with enduring solutions that are built to withstand the test of time.

We design for people with nature in mind.

Through our work, we seek to reconcile the built environment with the natural environment. Our designs reconnect people with nature, using biophilic principles to create balanced spaces that support human health and productivity for high liveability, even in high density cities.

Lakeside Gardens, Jurong Lake Gardens
Ng Teng Fong Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital, Singapore

We design for resource efficiency with optimal outcomes in mind.

We are cognisant of the many resources invested into each project, from the intangible, like time and effort, to the tangible, like land and building materials. To achieve optimal outcomes, we are committed to optimising every project lifecycle, leveraging latest technology to drive greater design efficiency and stakeholder collaboration while planning for the better use of materials to reduce environmental impact and wastage. Discover how we bring our design methodology to life through these featured projects.