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Whether you are looking for a scenic stroll or to reconnect with nature, the revitalised Lakeside Garden within Jurong Lake Gardens situated in the Jurong Lake District will not disappoint. It is the new national garden in Singapore heartlands, which is a 90-hectare compound comprising of three different sections—Lakeside Garden (formerly Jurong Lake Gardens West), Chinese and Japanese Gardens (formerly Jurong Lake Gardens Central), as well as Garden Promenade (formerly Jurong Lake Gardens East). Lakeside Garden is the first of the three to be redeveloped, and houses many exciting play areas for the public to enjoy.

Map of Jurong Lake Garden, which consists of Lakeside Garden, Chinese and Japanese Garden as well as Garden Promenade. (Credit: Nparks)

CPG Consultants has many years of rich experience in designing various parks and gardens, from the country’s first UNESCO world heritage site, the Botanic Gardens to the iconic Gardens by the Bay. We at CPG often profess a ‘love for nature’, which is in turn constantly being incorporated into our designs to foster greater sustainability within the built environment. For Lakeside Garden, the objective is to preserve biodiversity and create a safe and fun place for the surrounding community to enjoy.
Preserving Biodiversity and Nature

CPG designed Lakeside Garden to revolve around the themes of nature, play and community bonding. Our design intent was to provide a conducive public space where the community can interact, explore and even learn about their environment. Today, Lakeside Garden is a popular leisure spot amongst neighbouring residents and visitors.

Rasau Walk, Lakeside Gardens at Jurong Lake Gardens

Rasau Walk is a restored freshwater swamp forest that contain some 50 different plant species. Walking along the 300-metre scenic boardwalk, you will notice that it is designed to meander along the shoreline, allowing visitors to venture close to the water. This is also a prime spot to observe wildlife in their natural habitat, as tidal differences create mudflats that also become feeding grounds. The use of vegetation and inert bioengineering structures, such as geotextile, protect the channel and create sustainable eco growth for the transitional tidal zone, which has a water depth ranging from 0 to 500mm.
Drainage improvements: Before (left) and after (right)

Located in a low lying area, Lakeside Garden used to experience waterlogging caused by high groundwater level. Without a proper drainage system, the area experienced water stagnancy and choking of drains. As part of the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) programme, design features like vegetated swales and gravel swales were introduced for drainage improvements. The previous 12,000m concrete drain was hence demolished and replaced with a new 8,500m concrete drain and 4,750m swales and streams. 

Designing for the Community 

Clusia Cove, Lakeside Gardens by Jurong Lake Gardens

Clusia Cove is designed as a children’s water play area consisting of a tidal pool and a sand-based ripple pool. These pools mimic the natural water movement, allowing children to play and learn at the same time.

Food & Beverage Building

The amenities block and food and beverage building nearby are also essential components in creating a pleasant garden experience. These buildings enrich the park setting by providing a resting area for visitors to wash up and take a breather from the exciting activities.

PAssion WaVe building, Lakeside Gardens at Jurong Lake Gardens

Capitalising on its prime waterfront location, PAssion WaVe is a landmark space where people can interact and enjoy various water sports, such as kayaking and dragon boating. Keeping audiences in mind, CPG also catered for a generous landscaped roof deck for spectators to view races during competitions.

PAssion WaVe building, Lakeside Gardens at Jurong Lake Gardens

The PAssion WaVe building was designed to have large unobstructed floor spaces that allow air to flow naturally from the lake to the garden during daytime, helping to create natural wind. The louvered screens at the viewing deck also aid to deflect direct sunlight and provide shade, which in turn reduces the surrounding temperature.

Louvered screens at PAssion WaVe building


Lakeside Garden is an inclusive space for everyone to play, rest, relax and enjoy themselves. From multiple children play areas to customised spaces for water sports, there is no lack of exciting activities there for the whole family.

Since its opening, students taking their graduation shots and couples taking wedding photos at the Lakeside Garden have become common sights, showing that the public truly enjoy the natural beauty that is Lakeside Garden.

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This article was authored by:

Ar. Colin Wu, Senior Vice President

Architecture Group, CPG Consultants Pte. Ltd

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