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CPG Consultants, in partnership with the Airport Design and Construction Consultancy One Member Limited Liability Company (a member of the Vietnam Engineering Consultant Association, Vietnam Aviation Construction Association and Vietnam’s Association of Construction Contractor), and CPG Vietnam, was recently appointed by Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) as the Principal Design Consultant for the new Passenger Terminal 3 (T3) and Commercial Development at Tan Son Nhat International Airport (TSNIA).

A model of the new Passenger T3 and commercial development at TSNIA

The new Terminal 3 will have a handling capacity of 20 million passenger movements per annum and will help alleviate the current challenges of overloading faced by Terminal 1 and 2, forming the new domestic gateway to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Totaling an area of 240,000sqm and with an estimated investment cost of US$472 million, both the terminal and commercial development will be conceived as one integrated complex, the T3 SkyPark@TSNIA, which connects passengers and community.

The new T3 connects passengers and community

The proposed development is by far the most ambitious, incorporating virtually every kind of business and public facility as well as cultural, retail and recreational elements all under one roof. An innovative mixed-use community concept is applied to the area, providing diverse tourism and business opportunities while also serving as a dynamic lifestyle and family entertainment venue.

An innovative mixed-use community concept providing diverse tourism and business opportunities

Incorporating cultural elements, the CPGairport team created a design for Terminal 3 inspired by the Vietnamese ao dai. Visitors of Terminal 3 will find themselves being greeted by an impressive architectural form that combines the monumental scale of the airport with broad brush strokes that recalls the grace, elegance and fluidity of the Vietnamese national garment.

Architectural form inspired by the Vietnamese ao dai

The bold, sweeping roof begins at the new Terminal, continues over the commercial development in a series of landscape terraces and culminates in a central signature courtyard. The varying layers of the terminal roof create a juxtaposition of lifting and embedding, and an ever-changing perspective, producing a light-filled terminal space and an interior that is as dramatic as its architectural form.

T3 SkyPark@TSNIA features a series of landscape terraces and culminates in a central signature courtyard

The richly landscaped central courtyard is both a viewing gallery and a commercial destination with an array of shops and cafes

An integrated pedestrianised complex that connects passengers and community

The T3 Skypark@TSNIA vision creates a sustainable new generation city district, unique for its human scale and fully pedestrianised urban community, with a perfect synergy between landscape and architecture.

We are honoured to participate in this project and look forward to making the new T3 SkyPark@TSNIA a memorable addition to the existing Tan Son Nhat International Airport.

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