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CPGairport in consortium with China Architecture Design & Research Group (CADG) were successfully awarded the joint 1st Prize in an internationally held design competition for the design of Fuzhou Changle International Airport’s (China) new Terminal 2, a terminal expected to handle 54 million passengers per annum.

The elegantly designed Terminal 2 will integrate with the existing Terminal 1 to form a mega transportation hub that will play a synergistic role in the developments planned for ambitious growth for the Fuzhou region.

The design of Terminal 2 is inspired by the characteristic roofs composed of sweeping upturned eaves that provide generous shelter at the kerbside rising majestically to form gentle plays of curved ceilings floating over terraced floors that open out to generous views towards the airfield.

The transportation centre is designed for seamless integration with Terminal 1, yet exists as a strong visual entity on its own. Visually, Terminal 2 adopts the pavilion concept which is also a familiar visual representation of Fuzhou’s indigenous architecture. Set in a lush landscaped environment, the overall design presents a calm and welcoming atmosphere of this user-friendly and convenient new Terminal 2.

The new design will, when implemented, greatly increase the current airport capacity and add a whole new increase in aviation and non-aviation related economic returns to the City and surrounding province.

The new Fuzhou Airport Terminal 2 design seen at night

The CPGairport team used as a ‘spring board’ the silhouettes of the Fuzhou city skyline, as well as the lush greens within the city, encapsulating the essence of ‘Fuzhou’ and creating a new, modern ultra-high-tech Airport Terminal design. The sweeping terracotta tiles will transform into aluminum, steel and glass whilst adhering to traditional proportions.

The modern lines of the building reminiscent of more traditional eras

CPGairport’s award winning design for the new Terminal 2 is inspired by local traditions but interprets them in a modern and contemporary manner.

Unique local ‘flavours’ found

Take for instance the interplay of the various opposing roof planes, the epitome of the design is reflected as part of the winning design, in the form of roofs which allow light penetration deep into internal spaces for landscaping.

The design respectfully reflects the inherent uniqueness and beauty that can be found in Fuzhou and will create a strong ‘sense-of-place’ for local, regional and international visitors.


We are honoured to have been awarded the joint 1st prize in this internationally recognised design competition.


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CPGairport Team

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