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XJTU International School, Xian, China

Partnering a renowned Xian University, XJTU International School has garnered local and regional fame for providing quality education at both primary and secondary levels. The VIA+ Design Studio is honoured to have a chance to express the school’s ethos and vision through the interior design consultancy of its facilities. Our scope involved all major spaces of the primary and secondary schools namely administrative; sports; lecture theatres; libraries and classroom facilities. Of notable mention is also a student common Food Hall that is to be a ‘comfort oasis’ to provide both physical and visual nourishment to students amidst each busy school day. Another unique task is to design a burger fast-food chain inclusive of coming up with the chain’s name and its branding elements. This burger fast-food chain shall serve as a prototype within the campus and act as a model reference for branches in future educational developments by the client.

VIA+’s concept design is informed by, among other factors, the existing stoic architecture; the international curriculum; maintainability and the school’s visionary aspirations to be a world-class pedagogy center. Whilst the architecture is reminiscent of a Collegiate Cambridge style, the interiors veer towards a contemporary and timeless approach with sympathetic accents of colours and materiality that complements the external facade. The transformed interiors are functional, ‘friendly’ and invigorating as these spaces continue to be the endearing places for both existing students and the alma mater’s fond remembrance of the XJTU International School.  

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Xian, China



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