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2.0 Eunoia Junior College, Singapore
Exterior View of Eunoia Junior College
The Library provides expansive views of the neighbouring park
Mass Engineered Timber was used in Eunoia Junior College
Eunoia Junior College, Singapore
Eunoia Junior College, Singapore
2.0 Eunoia Junior College, Singapore
2.1 Eunoia Junior College, Singapore
2.2 Eunoia Junior College, Singapore
2.3 Eunoia Junior College, Singapore
2.4 Eunoia Junior College, Singapore
2.5 Eunoia Junior College, Singapore
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Eunoia Junior College

Eunoia Junior College (EJC) is the first of a new generation of high-rise junior colleges (JCs) that seeks to intensify and optimise land use, with reduced site area and the need to integrate a community club. Its Integrated Programme (IP) curriculum is reimagined to be conducted in a vertical campus on only four hectares of land; a 1/3 reduction of previous generation JCs.

Sited next to Kallang River & Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, the design takes advantage of the scenic views and park setting to inform the vertical stacking of two towers and an elevated track & field podium into an immersive biophilic learning environment. A bridge is built to connect the school to the adjacent park, planters terrace over corridors and toilets are screened with greenery. Zones are broadly divided into Forum (area for community and social enrichment on Levels 1 and 2), Arena (area for physical and sporting enrichment on Level 5) and Curia (area for knowledge enrichment on Levels 9 and 10) but intimate niche spaces are also interspersed throughout the campus.

With a strict north-south orientation for the elevated track and field, the Arena dramatically extends over Kallang River to connect learning programmes into the park while inviting nature into the central void of the vertical teaching blocks. Utilizing the space below the Arena, the Forum is a flexible arcade of spaces for activities and events promoting active student life housing the canteen, parade square, multi-purpose hall and auditorium. In Curia, informal learning spaces and break-out areas are designed as extensions of formal learning classrooms to foster collaborative work.

Project Details

Project country





Architectural Design, Civil & Structural Engineering, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Green Consultancy, Landscape Design, Interior Design


Singapore Good Design Mark (SG Mark) 2020

BCA Design and Engineering Safety Excellence Awards (Institutional and Industrial) 2021 

Key Features

Building Height


Building Material

Parts of the facade and beams are designed with Mass Engineered Timber. Using Spruce obtained from sustainable forests, the use of exposed wood for the interiors exudes natural warmth and promotes the sustainable story for future generations.


Elevated track and field, Learning by the park, High-rise Learning Spaces

Project Member Quotes

Eunoia Junior College is the demonstration of a new high-rise junior college shaped by an intensification of programming, with an elevated field and integrated with a community club.

Ar. Tan Pheng Chee

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