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Alkaff Lake, Bidadari Park Singapore
Greenway South Entry, Bidadari Park, Singapore
Greenway South Shelter, Bidadari Park, Singapore
Heritage Walk, Bidadari Park, Singapore
The existing wooded areas were enhanced with additional tree planting to provide a continuous tree canopy, forming Bidadari Park's Bird Sanctuary
Alkaff Lake, Bidadari Park Singapore
Greenway South Entry, Bidadari Park, Singapore
Greenway South Shelter, Bidadari Park, Singapore
Heritage Walk, Bidadari Park, Singapore
Bird Sanctuary, Bidadari Park, Singapore
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Bidadari Park, Singapore

Bidadari Park is an integrated park within Bidadari Estate. The park integrates public spaces in a natural setting, while connecting the community with flora and fauna and developing ecological links for enhancing biodiversity. The park has been designed around the themes of retaining memories, embracing memories and embedding memories in its features, applying collective memories of Alkaff Garden, Bidadari Cemetery, and Sang Nila Utama Secondary School and other schools in the vicinity.

The unique features are the Greenways North and South, Heritage Walk and Land Bridge, which extends the park to the surrounding HDB flats. This is a park that reaches out to you with a portion of the park in front of your block. The Heritage Walk starts at Woodleigh MRT Station and ends at the Memorial Garden, conserving relics of Bidadari Cemetery. The Heritage Walk commemorates the earlier features of the area in heritage markers. The park conserves trees and grasslands which continues the birds habitats established in this area, forming Bidadari Park’s Bird Sanctuary. This is enriched by the Land Bridge – which continues the tree canopy continuity to the neighbouring Hillock Park. 

Alkaff Lake started as a rough detention pond for the HDB developments and has been enhanced to a landscaped detention pond with water cleansing features. The calm body of water evokes peacefulness with the playmounds in the background conjuring memories of the old Alkaff Lake in the Alkaff Garden. Pedestrian connectivity are met by covered linkways and underpass so that the park is only a walk away, allowing residents to enjoy nature at their doorstep. Playwoods for children, sports stations for fitness enthusiasts and nature paths for all draw everyone to the park.

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Architecture, Environmental Engineering, Civil & Structural Engineering and Project Management


HDB Awards 2020 – Innovative Design Award: To-Be-Built Park


Alkaff Lake is an artificial lake that doubles as flood control and ABC Waters feature – the first of its kind in Singapore. The 1.8-hectare Alkaff Lake, coupled with terraced wetlands, can hold up to 30,000 cubic of water (equivalent to 12 Olympic-sized swimming pools), in additional to 12,000 cubic of permanent pool.

During heavy rain, Alkaff Lake acts as storage to retain the stormwaters from the surrounding catchments before discharging to the public drains, thus protecting the urban infrastructure in neighbouring areas as well.

The Alkaff Lake also overcomes the challenge of space constraints with terraced wetlands that act primarily as stormwater treatment. With its presence, the existing drainage system in the estate can cope with downpours, while reducing the risks of flash floods to surrounding low-lying residential areas.

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Eunoia Junior College is the demonstration of a new high-rise junior college shaped by an intensification of programming, with an elevated field and integrated with a community club.

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