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Mandai North Crematorium, Singapore
Aerial View of the Mandai North Crematorium, Singapore (Large)

New Mandai Crematorium Complex, Singapore

The new Mandai Crematorium Complex is a standalone facility that will add to the cremation capacity of the existing Mandai Crematorium. Designed to provide high quality cremation services in a tranquil and dignified setting, the building is conceived as a green sanctuary that offers a healing environment for the bereaved.

Despite its limited site area and proximity to the main road, the idea of a green sanctuary has been preserved in the design of the crematorium building and its surroundings through a range of urban greening strategies that includes hanging gardens, sunken gardens, layered greenery and dappled light. The aim is to create a sense of being surrounded by peaceful lush greenery at key spaces in the proceedings, from the moment of arrival at the building to the ceremonial service and the final farewell.

Project Details

Project country





Architectural Design, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Green Design, Quantity Surveying


BCA Green Mark Platinum Award (2021)

Key Features

Building Height


Building Material

Precast Concrete and Aluminum Screen Façade, Post-Tensioned Concrete and Steel Structure

Innovative technology used

Modular, Precast Concrete panel facade with customised wave patterns that allude to natural forms soften the appearance of the building.

Project Member Quotes

Eunoia Junior College is the demonstration of a new high-rise junior college shaped by an intensification of programming, with an elevated field and integrated with a community club.

Tan Pheng Chee

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